As we move into 2023, we can expect to see the men’s jewelry trend to continue growing. With the men’s apparel industry now valued at around $480 billion (that’s billion with a B!), there’s renewed interest in men’s jewelry.


Jewelry gives men the ability to express their individuality and complement their fashion choices. Jewelry pieces have the power to transform an entire look, adding finesse and style to even the simplest of clothing.


Below, we’ll go over some of the latest jewelry trends to expect in 2023. For a wide selection of men's jewelry, head on over to Monera Design where you can find a huge selection of silver, stainless steel, and fashion jewelry.

What can we expect from men’s jewelry in 2023?

Expect to see 2023 echoing the big, bold, and fun trend of 2022 with an emphasis on making a statement. In order to be heard in the age of social media, fast culture, and a million voices, you need to be noticed. Jewelry can help do this with eye-catching pieces that showcase confidence.


Try some of these choices for yourself:

1.   Hanging earrings

One of the ongoing trends that will persist into 2023 is to de-gender certain jewelry pieces, rendering them acceptable for all people.


Expect to see hanging, pendant earrings worn by both men and women confident in their own skin and happy to be different. If 2022 is anything to go by, bigger gold earrings will be most popular with everyone now free to enjoy warmer tones.

2.   Leather bracelets

For the more masculine fashion sense, leather bracelets are making a comeback and are now seen heavily within the fashion scene. These add a natural, rugged element to an outfit, while skilled leatherwork adds detail to complement even smart outfits.


Leather bracelets with metal clasps are particularly popular adding a sense of quality to a piece, especially with gold choices. With big names like BOSS and Tommy Hilfiger experimenting with leather straps, stocking these pieces are a good choice. Styles include layering up multiple leather bracelets so plenty of choice is essential.

3.   Multiple rings

With fashion icons such as Harry Styles rocking big rings on almost every finger, the days of a single ring are over. While traditional advice will tell you a man shouldn’t wear more than 1 or 2 rings per hand, 2023 will see this conventional wisdom eschewed in favor of expression, and fun.


Continuing the trend of gender lines blurring, many men now also adorn their hands with nail polish, accentuating jewelry yet further.

4.   Classic gold chains

While fashion and society is ever-changing, some things never change. Our love of gold is one of these things with the precious metal and similar colored materials making an outfit look its very best.


One of the best-selling jewelry for men in 2023 is expected to be classic gold chains. Thicker links and deep colors give these pieces a timeless quality that are now worn on wrists and necks proudly by men.


Look for gold stainless steel chains to target both fashion and budget-conscious buyers.

5.   Statement pieces

The year 2023 is no time for being shy. In the spirit of going big or going home, expect to see even bigger and bolder statement pieces that say something about a person’s personality or beliefs.


Larger than usual pieces are to be expected with this year’s jewelry fashion such as shield pendants, oversized metal cross necklaces, and matching jewelry pairs worn unironically. The trend is towards maximalism, so look for chunky pieces that embrace decadence and vibrant lifestyles.

6.   Dog tags

Big brands are bringing back tag pendants with a vengeance so expect the early noughties trend to make a comeback at the retail level too. These necklaces have now evolved past the military-style dog tag fashion and taken on a life of their own.


Pieces that incorporate beliefs too are particularly interesting, with delicate metalwork being particularly note-worthy. While dog tag necklaces will be the most sought-after and worn, don’t neglect tag bracelets. With chunky links and the ability to personalize with engraving, these tick all the 2023 boxes and look good doing so.


Men’s jewelry will continue to evolve in 2023, celebrating bold, maximalist design with gold-colored metals featuring heavily. While some pieces will always be favored more by women, men are now venturing further afield in jewelry choices with pendant and multi-ring design choices becoming more common.

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