Wholesale Steel Necklaces

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        SteelYellow goldRose gold


        5.50 USD 4.50 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose goldSteel\blackSteel\blue


        4.65 USD – 5.50 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\blue


        4.65 USD – 5.50 USD
        SteelYellow goldRose goldBlack


        7.95 USD – 9.30 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink goldBlack


        7.95 USD – 9.30 USD
        Yellow goldMulticolor


        5.50 USD 3.50 USD
        Pink goldYellow gold


        8.95 USD 8.50 USD
        MulticolorYellow gold


        3.50 USD 2.50 USD
        Yellow goldPink goldSteel


        1.50 USD – 2.50 USD
        SteelPink goldBlackYellow gold


        4.95 USD – 6.90 USD
        Yellow goldPink goldSteelBlack


        2.75 USD – 3.95 USD
        SteelPink goldYellow gold


        4.00 USD – 5.50 USD
        SteelSteel\blueSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose goldSteel\black


        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        3.50 USD – 3.95 USD
        Pink goldYellow goldCoffeeBlackBlueSteel

        Steel Cross with Adjustable Black Cotton Rope

        6.90 USD – 7.90 USD
        SteelPink goldYellow gold\steel


        4.20 USD – 5.30 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        2.65 USD – 2.95 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        2.65 USD – 2.95 USD
        SilverYellow goldRose goldCoffeeBlack

        Roman Letters Solitaire CZ Steel Necklace

        3.50 USD – 4.50 USD

        Our wholesale stainless steel necklaces come in many various forms. There are different lengths, different colors, and well different chain designs to choose from. Stainless Steel Necklaces are a wonderful addition to any shop or boutique as they are worn by just about anybody. We carry an extensive line of Wholesale Stainless Steel Necklaces to choose that will have something for everyone. Take a look around and you will soon notice that not all of our 316L Stainless Steel Necklaces are steel color. You have some color options to choose from as well.
        We believe that there is something for everyone in our product line up and that's why there are so many choices. When it comes to your Wholesale Stainless Steel Necklaces, we want you to have a lot to choose from. Be sure when choosing the selection for your boutique that you don't just pick up things that you like, but find some designs that your clients will like as well. Maybe even consider buying some Wholesale Stainless Steel Necklaces that are the same but in different metal tones to test your market and see what metal tones will sell best in your area.
        We not only offer chain style Stainless Steel Necklaces but we have some that have charms on them as well. These charm necklaces come with different statements and designs that will surely suit your client's needs. It is important to cater to what sells and that's why we have many repeat clients as they soon discover our Stainless Steel Necklaces are some of the best sellers in their shop.