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        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        5.95 USD – 7.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        6.95 USD – 8.95 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink gold


        2.35 USD – 4.20 USD
        Yellow goldSteelPink gold


        3.75 USD – 4.50 USD
        BlackYellow goldSteelPink gold


        3.90 USD – 5.95 USD
        BlackSteelPink goldYellow gold


        2.50 USD – 3.50 USD
        Yellow goldSteel


        6.30 USD – 9.10 USD
        Yellow goldSteel


        5.60 USD – 6.20 USD
        Steel\blackSteel\pink goldSteelSteel\yellow gold

        Trendy Mesh Wrap Open Cuff Steel Bangle

        5.30 USD – 6.40 USD

        The beautifully designed Steel Bangles are one of our quality products. These steel bangles come in different cutting-edge designs, and they are suitable for men and women. They also come in different colors. It is also essential you know that our steel bangles possess anti-allergenic metal. Rest assured, they do not cause skin irritation. Again, you might love to know that our steel bangles are water-resistant and durable. They are permanent and unalterable. However, they are fully recyclable. 

        You can get your wholesale steel bangles in 2-3 working days from us. You don’t have to worry about the distance. Note that the more bulk order you make, the more discount you would get. You can check out our discount page for further inquiries. When you get our products, they earn you the trust of your customers. Get quality wholesale steel bangles for your customers from MONERA DESIGN today! It is a smart decision to expand your business.