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        SteelSteel\rose goldSteel\blueSteel\yellow goldSteel\black

        Grooved Stainless Steel Unisex Cross Necklace

        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        SteelSteel\blueSteel\blackSteel\yellow gold


        5.50 USD – 8.50 USD
        SteelYellow goldRose goldBlackBlue


        6.95 USD – 8.95 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\blackSteel\blueSteel\rose gold


        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        Steel\blueSteel\blackSteel\rose goldSteelSteel\yellow gold


        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        SteelYellow goldBlackBlue


        10.95 USD 8.50 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\blackSteel\rose goldSteel\blue

        Stainless Steel Star of David Necklace

        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        Pink goldYellow goldCoffeeBlueSteelBlack

        Steel Cross with Adjustable Black Cotton Rope

        6.90 USD – 7.90 USD
        SteelSteel\blueSteel\pink goldSteel\yellow goldSteel\black

        Stainless Steel Unisex Cross Necklace with Chain

        5.95 USD – 6.95 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        2.65 USD – 2.95 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\black


        5.95 USD – 6.95 USD
        SteelSteel\blackSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose gold

        Steel Cross Pendant CZ Stone Black Rope Cord

        7.90 USD 6.90 USD
        Steel\blackSteel\yellow gold


        3.90 USD 2.90 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose goldSteel\blackSteel\blueYellow goldRose gold


        5.95 USD – 7.95 USD

        Men's Stainless steel necklaces come in a variety of styles and colors.  We offer some of the best men's stainless steel necklaces that you will ever find on the market.  Stainless steel is a rugged but durable material that has a wonderful steel color about it naturally.  It is naturally rust-resistant, which makes it a wonderful material to use in men's necklaces.  If you are looking to add more products to your shop, men's necklaces are the perfect addition.  Take a look around at our wonderful selection and we are certain you find some that you just have to have.