Wholesale Bracelets for Women

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        Yellow gold\steelSteelYellow gold

        Curb Chain 7 MM Linked Bracelet

        2.90 USD – 3.90 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        3.90 USD – 4.90 USD
        SteelYellow goldBlackRose goldBlue

        Steel 5 MM Box Chain Unisex Bracelet

        2.95 USD – 3.50 USD
        Steel/blackYellow goldMulticolorSteel


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        3.25 USD – 4.20 USD
        Yellow gold/blackYellow goldMulticolor


        3.50 USD 2.75 USD
        Yellow goldMulticolor


        3.50 USD 2.75 USD
        Black\yellow goldBrown\steelBlack\steelBrown\yellow gold

        Multicolored Leather Steel Bracelet

        2.75 USD – 3.25 USD
        Yellow gold\blackSteel\black


        4.70 USD 2.70 USD
        Steel/blackYellow goldMulticolor


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD
        BlackYellow goldSteel


        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        Yellow gold\blackYellow gold\brownPink gold\brown


        9.95 USD 7.95 USD
        Yellow goldMulticolor


        3.50 USD 2.75 USD
        SteelYellow goldMulticolor


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD
        SteelYellow goldMulticolor


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD
        SteelYellow goldMulticolor


        2.50 USD – 2.75 USD

        Wholesale bracelets for women are offered in many color choices as well as styles. We believe in offering our clients a nice selection to choose from in order for them to pick some winning products.  Our wholesale bracelets for women are our unique designs that you simply won't find anywhere else.  We work with small business owners of small shops to bring them a wonderful selection of wholesale bracelets for women to choose from.  We take our time and study the market to come up with winning designs that are sure to sell.  All of our clients are considered our partners, as they do well, we will do well and we are all in this together.  Take a look around at our wholesale bracelets for women.  We are certain you will find something you just have to have.