Wholesale Women's Necklaces

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        SteelSteel\blueSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose gold

        Grooved Stainless Steel Unisex Cross Necklace

        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        Pink goldSteelYellow gold


        4.95 USD – 6.90 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\blueSteel\rose gold

        Steel Hamsa Necklace Hand of Fatima Evil Eye CZ Pendant

        4.95 USD – 5.95 USD
        Steel\blueSteel\blackSteelSteel\yellow gold


        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        Yellow goldSteelPink gold


        3.50 USD – 5.50 USD
        SteelSteel\blackSteel\yellow gold


        3.90 USD 2.90 USD
        SteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\rose goldSteel\blackSteel\blue


        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        Yellow goldSteel


        1.50 USD – 2.50 USD
        Yellow goldRose goldSteelBlack

        Spiky Triangle Steel Necklace

        4.95 USD – 5.75 USD
        SteelYellow goldRose goldBlack


        7.95 USD – 9.30 USD
        Pink goldYellow goldSteel


        3.10 USD – 3.40 USD
        SteelYellow goldPink goldBlack


        5.50 USD – 6.50 USD
        Pink goldYellow goldSteel


        1.60 USD – 2.10 USD
        Steel\blackSteelSteel\yellow goldSteel\blueSteel\rose gold

        Stainless Steel Star of David Necklace

        6.50 USD – 7.50 USD
        SteelYellow gold


        2.65 USD – 2.95 USD
        Aquamarine,denim blue,abCrystalJet,ab,crystal


        22.75 USD 21.00 USD
        Pink goldSteelYellow goldCoffee


        4.95 USD – 5.50 USD

        Wholesale women's Necklaces are a wonderful addition to any small boutique, shop, or parlor.  We work with small businesses to offer a wide variety of wholesale women's jewelry designs. It is important that you have a nice variety and selection of wholesale women's necklaces available in your store.  Because of this, we offer many designs and styles to choose from.  Whether you are looking for some additional bling or a basic chain design, we carry them all.   All of our designs are unique to our company and designed right here on location.  We take pride in what we have to offer and offer our designs in a variety of metal tones to suit everyone's likes.  If you are looking to expand your product line, then you need to take a look at our wholesale women's necklaces.