Are Stainless Steel Earrings Good for Sensitive Ears?


Finding jewelry for sensitive skin can be a challenge, particularly for sensitive ears. It’s not uncommon for people to have reactions to metals used in jewelry, such as nickel and cobalt.


But are stainless steel earrings good for sensitive ears? Let’s find out.


Are Stainless Steel Earrings Good for Sensitive Ears?


Stainless steel is one of the least reactive metals, meaning it can be a good choice for sensitive ears. However, it’s still possible to have allergic reactions to stainless steel, so it’s worth doing a test before wearing it long-term.


Wholesale steel earrings are a good choice for businesses to sell because they’re one of the more wide-ranging and cost-effective options. After all, the fewer people who are allergic to your product, the wider your market is!


It’s worth noting that stainless steel will typically have a small amount of nickel in it. However, the percentage is low enough that only people with the most sensitive allergies will be affected.



Which Type of Stainless Steel to Buy?


There are lots of different grades of stainless steel. Each has a different composition, giving it different properties. For example, some are better at conducting electricity while others are more resistant to corrosion.


In wholesale steel jewelry, the most common type of stainless steel is SAE 316L. You’ll be more familiar with its common name: surgical grade stainless steel. It’s used, unsurprisingly, for surgical equipment as well as marine applications and water management.


But why is it a good choice for earrings? In short, it’s very resistant to corrosion. There are other properties useful in different situations, but this is the most important for earrings and sensitive ears.


We have a full blog post on the use of 316L stainless steel in jewelry, so check that out.


Are There Downsides to Stainless Steel Earrings for Sensitive Ears?


On the whole, there aren’t any significant downsides to stainless steel jewelry. The first thing to note is that it’s not completely hypoallergenic, though. 316L stainless steel has very low reactivity, but the amount of nickel could be an issue for people with severe allergies. It’s worth doing a patch test to know whether it’ll affect you.


Also, because stainless steel is very strong, it’s difficult to resize jewelry items. Of course, this isn’t a problem for earrings, as one size typically fits all. It can be an issue with rings or bracelets, but it is still possible.


On the other hand, a big benefit of wholesale stainless steel earrings is that they can be plated to look like other metals, such as gold. It means you can provide earrings for sensitive ears that look like more reactive metals without causing a reaction.


Choosing the Right Earrings


Stainless steel earrings are a sensible choice for consumers with allergies. They can look like other metals, don’t cause reactions, and are cost-effective.


If you’re looking for stainless steel earrings, see what Monera Jewelry Design and Manufacturer has in stock for sensitive ears.

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