One thing you will learn as you settle into your entrepreneurial journey is the number of decisions you will have to make on the day-to-day. 
The good news is, it gets easier. 
If you take certain actions to put the right systems in place from the beginning, you will find that your workload will become lighter and your business will run much more smoothly than anticipated. 
In the jewelry business, your choice of supplier can make or break your business. This makes it extremely important to find the best fit for you. 

1. How do you go about this? Here are five tips to get you started. 
Network Business calls for a lot of networking. 
By joining professional networks and groups that bring together people in your field, you learn and hear a lot of first-hand information. This will include who the best and most affordable suppliers are.
You can also ask directly for referrals if you know other jewelry sellers in your locale. 

2. Shop Around
Resist from settling for the first supplier you find online or are referred to. 
You often find that with a little more effort, you can find a supplier with better prices, processes, and policies.
Keep in mind that comparing different companies is not only aimed at finding one with the lowest prices. Delivery times, customer service, return policies and product quality are just as important as cost. 
With this in mind, find 3-5 good companies and then proceed into in-depth research. 

3. Research
The internet has made it a lot easier to find information about virtually any topic. 
When you have shortlisted a few suppliers to look into, the next step is to do more research.
Reading reviews is one way to dig deeper. Look up the suppliers online and see what other people are saying about them, their products and their customer service ratings. 
Chances are, if many other people have had positive experiences with a particular company, you will too.

4. Try the Manufacturer
Instead of getting your products from a supplier or wholesale, you can try purchasing directly from the manufacturer. 
By buying straight from the manufacturer, you get to sample their entire range of products. It’s also often cheaper to buy directly from the source. This is because everyone in between marks-up the price, gradually increasing the initial cost. 

5. Wide Payment Options
Because you have a lot of moving bits to handle as a businessman, you want most processes to be as simple as possible.
As you vet jewelers, also look at the mode of payment they provide. You want to pick a company with as many various options as possible because then you are unlikely to get stuck while trying to make payments.
Monera Jewelry Design and Manufacturer, for example, allows its customers to pay via credit cards, online money platforms and make bank transfers.  

6. Take Your Time
As eager as you might be to get your jewelry shop up and running, you should take the time to think through and thoroughly research your supplier choice. 
With nine years in the business, we at Monera Jewelry Designs have supported businesses like yours by designing and supplying affordable all over the world.
If you are looking for speedy delivery, quality products, and excellent customer service, contact us here and start your business on the right footing!

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