Can You Take a Shower With Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry is a great option for many for numerous reasons. Key among them is that it's relatively affordable compared to gold, and it's very durable. Stainless steel jewelry also offers a clean, understated finish that can effortlessly go with anything in your wardrobe.

These are some of the qualities that have escalated its popularity in recent years.

However, once you get your jewelry, it's common to wonder about its care regimen and its limitations. For example, a common question asked regarding stainless steel jewelry is how it holds to water.

Does Stainless Steel Tarnish?

Before we get into how your stainless steel jewelry will handle water, let’s talk about this metal Vis a Vis tarnishing.

Do stainless steel rings tarnish? What of other stainless steel jewelry items?

The answer to both these questions is no. Good quality stainless steel jewelry will not tarnish. However, you have to consider the grade of stainless steel you are getting before making a purchase. Lower grades can tarnish; good grade stainless steel will not.

The best quality stainless steel is 304, also referred to as 18/10/ or 18/8 respectively, to represent its composition. This means 18% Chromium and 10% Nickel or 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. The other grade is 316.

Stainless steel also has 2% molybdenum. Molybdenum increases the metals’ resistance to corrosion and acids with chloride ions. This prevents it from rusting.

Can I shower With Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Yes, you can. You can safely shower with your stainless steel jewelry and wash your hands with a stainless steel ring without the ornaments getting any major damage.

While water might not cause any damage, harsh chemicals can. Mild shampoos and shower gels are fine, but if you have any corrosive hair chemicals and so on, it might be prudent to take the jewelry off. You can also be sure to rinse it and dry it off properly if you accidentally expose it to harsher chemicals.

What about water with different compositions?

Stainless Steel in Ocean Water

You already know the ocean is salty. What you probably don't know is that these levels of salt are not very kind to any metal, stainless steel included.

As gorgeous as your jewelry might be, do not wear it in the ocean. There are also other dissolved substances and inorganic materials that might damage your ornaments. The ocean also has sand that can scratch the jewelry's surface.

Stainless Steel in a Pool

Stainless steel with molybdenum offers some protection against acids and localized corrosion from chloride ions. If you are an active swimmer, it’s important to get jewelry with this compound.

However, you better off taking off your jewelry before diving into a pool to be on the safer side. If you forget to do this, rinse the piece with clean water as soon as possible, and air dry it.


Final Word

Here you have it. You can have your stainless steel jewelry from Monera in the shower without degrading it. However, take them off when in the ocean or the swimming pool.



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