How Is Stainless Steel Jewelry Made?

Many people love the look and feel of stainless jewelry. If you love your jewelry to look classy and understated, durable, and remain trendy over the seasons, stainless steel is an excellent metal.

Unless you are in jewelry manufacturing, you are unlikely to know much about the processes that take place before you get that shiny ornament.

Here, read a bit more about how stainless steel jewelry is made.

Elements In Stainless Steel

Before we dive into the process, let’s first look at what goes into stainless steel. Steel contains carbon, nickel, and chromium. For steel to be stainless, it has to contain 10% chromium. This compound makes steel stainless and increases its durability by creating an invisible top layer. This layer prevents oxygen from reacting with the materials in the metal, which in turn prevents rusting.

Other elements you might find in steel include Sulphur, selenium, titanium, copper, phosphorus, silicon, and cobalt.


Making stainless steel jewelry begins by creating the raw material-the stainless steel.

When making stainless steel, the manufacturer needs to determine the type of stainless steel they want. This is important because the ratio of metals used determines the grade of the stainless steel they end up with.

The final product from this can then be sold to jewelry makers.

How Jewelry Is Made

Stainless steel is tempered and heated to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit to create jewelry.

Many jewelry manufacturers will have numerous designs of the final products for wholesale. These are designed depending on the trends at the time and what customers want.

Often, molds are created to ensure similar designs can be replicated quickly and affordably. Investment castings are among the oldest methods of creating items from metal.

The jewelry cast bit is generally obtained from letting molten steel solidify in a mold. Once this happens, it’s removed, cleansed, and polished. After that, it can be assembled further if need be.

Jewelry castings allow the production of irregularly shaped ornaments that cannot be done by hand or are too costly and time-consuming to complete using other processes, including the CNC machine.

With jewelry casting, manufacturers will pour liquid steel into a mold, in a process referred to as a lost wax casting. This is because the casting mold is created using a melted wax model to leave a hollow space in the middle of the mold.

Can I Make Custom Stainless Steel at Home?

In theory, it’s possible to make stainless steel jewelry at home. Because you are not required to mass-produce them, you have the benefit of time.

However, practically, it’s easier said than done. For starters, you would need to be able to heat steel at levels high enough to melt it. You would then need handling tools to work safely but still maneuver to make intricate designs.

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