Men’s Stainless Steel Rings For Wedding

Weddings are indeed an exciting time. In most cultures, weddings are ceremonies mostly savored by women. However, this is not to say that men do not enjoy the festivities or are less deserving of some stunning jewelry in the process. 

While some men prefer not to wear any jewelry, rings are often small and unpretentious, and most men are open to wearing rings, especially to signify marriage.

For people with sentimental value, a wedding ring is something they intend to keep for a very long time. These reasons make it important to find the perfect ring.

Here, read up on some simple tips to help you pick the right stainless steel ring for a wedding.

1. Ring Width

Men’s wedding rings come at sorts of widths. For simplicity, let us classify them into three:

  • 4mm (slim)
  • 6mm (medium)
  • 8mm (wide)

4mm is the most common choice though you can pick any width. While shopping around, you will discover that the wider the ring, the costlier it will be. Similarly, your finger structure should come into play as well.

Longer fingers look better with wider rings as they help absorb some of the length. On the other hand, slim rings can better complement larger fingers as they can help minimize the girth.

2. Style and Finishing

Save for the girth, you need to get a style and finishing that goes with your personal tastes. For stainless steel rings, this speaks to everything, including texture, aesthetic and ring profile.

The more common ones include:

Classic court: this is the most common of the ring types, and it's round both on the inside and on the outside.

D-shape ring: the inside of this ring is flat while the outside is round and thin. This shape provides for a very snug fit.

Flat court: a flat court ring is flat on the outside and rounded on the outside.

Finish: aside from the design, the finish matters as well. With stainless steel, you can go for hammered, matte, or highly polished.

3. Budget

The different types of rings you can get come at different costs. The width, type of stainless steel used, and the cut will determine the final price.

Often, the content of pure stainless steel will also inform the cost. For example, you will often see writings like '20/12'. This means that ring has 20% Chromium and 12% Nickel.

The higher the number, the more resistant a piece is to rust and corrosion, and often the more expensive it will be.

Why Stainless Steel Rings

Stainless steel rings have gained popularity in recent years for numerous reasons.

The first is the look. While yellow gold is associated with wealth and luxury, many people do not like its jarring look. Stainless steel becomes favored as a durable metal with a simple, understated look.

Other reasons are durability, hypoallergenic properties, and affordability.

Where To Shop

Are you or a loved one getting married in the near future? If so, look or further than Monera Designs for your men’s stainless steel rings. With thousands of high-quality, unique designs, you are guaranteed to find just the ring for you.






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