Here at MONERA DESIGN, we provide forefront modern men's stainless steel jewelry. Whether to treat yourself or surprise a loved one, our masculine jewelry selection is one you can fully trust to give you superior modern fashion and style – with our vast collection; the choice is all yours. Shop from us today and get the quality masculine touch to whatever outfit you choose. Also, importantly, we decided to provide info for you on essential things to know before investing in wholesale stainless steel for men and maybe for women too.

Stainless steel jewelry for Men 

What to know about stainless steel for men

 The steadily increasing price of precious metals like diamond, gold, silver, and stainless steel jewelry has further increased the desire for the fashionistas to demand them. It provides aesthetic appeal in a radiating manner. Stainless steel jewelry might not be one of the most expensive of all precious metals - as a matter of fact - but it still carries a high rate of demand, especially among men. Generally, we might assume that people buy stainless steel for men just for fashion appeal, same as we might think for women, but it is also known to be a worthwhile investment when purchased in wholesale quantity.

 Why invest in wholesale stainless steel jewelry for men?

 Unlike some other precious metal, the nature of stainless steel makes it an excellent option for accessories and jewelry making. Given the high cost of metals like gold, platinum, or silver, stainless steel is famously known for its low cost relative to others and a high level of aesthetic appeal. 

 Stainless steel jewelry for Men

Stainless steel metal is known for:

  • Low reactivity
  • Long-Lasting
  • Corrosion Resistant.


What to note while purchasing Stainless Steel jewelry for men?

 Listed here are factors to keep in mind while buying wholesale stainless steel jewelry for men:

Quality: it is highly essential to consider the quality of the stainless steel jewelry for men before investing in it. Just women, lots of men have sensitive skin that may react to pieces of jewelry crafted from 316L stainless steel. There are several fashion pieces of jewelry to opt for, as this particular alloy contains a high amount of chromium and a minimal portion of nickel and carbon. The 319L type of steel is mainly for making high-end luxury jewelry. 

Types of Stainless steel: there are over 150 types of stainless steel. Each of them serves a particular intention, such as the surgical implants in dentistry, the decorative shield used for building roofs, jewelry making, etc. Designers use the 304 and 302 stainless steel generally for creating fashion jewelry. Though it is suitable for external wear, it is not so advisable to use as piercing jewelry, because of its high level of nickel. Nickel can stain the skin.

Comfort: when we choose the type of jewelry to buy, we should assess the comfort or discomfort it could bring. Check for points or burs on the surface, check for rough edges contacting the skin. There should be no seams or unevenness.

Cost: the cost of stainless steel jewelry should be considered. It is merely advisable to invest more in the best quality of stainless steel, be it for men or women. Also to watch out for is the stainless steel design element, size, etc.


We are looking Forward to have your wholesale orders. Good Luck!


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