Selling Jewelry is a great way to earn an income, whether as a full time job or an additional income earner. 
When you think about it, this is a business you can do online or in a small business premise. 
If you have store space dealing with other products, these take up very little space. This means you can have a wide array of jewelry without eating up a significant part of your store’s space. 

Steel Pendants
The best thing about carrying a pendant collection is that they are unisex, meaning you have a broader client base.
Besides this, pendants are great gifting items. With good marketing, you can get numerous clients coming for pendants around holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries.
You can also do some value addition by identifying a jewelry engraver. You can then offer engraving services to your customers to make the pieces more intimate. 

Steel Bracelets
Monera Designs a wide array of bracelets to suit even the most discerning customer. 
Our bracelets are easy on the eye, high quality, and with good, durable clasps.
You can get these in chain, roped, and bangle designs. Your clients are unlikely to miss a design bracelet they like in a color they will love.

Steel Rings
Rings have come a long way. Once confined to engagements ceremonies and weddings, rings have morphed into ornamental pieces fashion-conscious people can't do without.
Because of their small size, you can stock a large number of these at your store, form cocktail rings to heart glass designs to men’s statement rings. 
Some of the rings in our collection have a wide girth to allow engraving should a customer require it. 
You can get both formal and casual cuts. You have a choice of silver, rose gold and zirconia. Some designs also come in two tones. 

Steel Earrings
Earrings are considered minimalist jewelry because people who don't like jewelry much still tend to wear earrings every often.
We manufacture hypoallergenic earrings to ensure that clients with metal allergies are not left behind. 
The earring line has everything from rhinestones to simple, plain options.  Whatever your customers desire, whether danglers, hoops, or studs, our collection is guaranteed to deliver.

Steel Necklaces
Neck pieces are still a simple way to elevate any outfit. 
This should be a staple for your business as well because they are unisex. 
For your clientele, you can stock thee in steel and several other colors as well. There are also plain necklaces, as well as ones with charms. You can start with an assorted mix of necklaces as you monitor purchasing trends and learn what your clients prefer.  

Get yours from the experts With 20 years in the business, we are alive to what it takes to make a business thrive. For this reason, we endeavor to remain fashion-forward on all our designs.

This aside, Monera Design is built on a culture of customer eccentricity. We understand our pivotal role in your store is success, and we strive to deliver.
If you are looking to get into jewelry wholesale or retail, the leading stainless steel supplier from Thailand, Monera, can guarantee an array of designs and fast delivery globally.

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