Which Is Better: Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel Jewelry?


If you are a big fan of jewelry, you probably have had this debate in your head already. 

When it comes to jewelry, the great divide is about gold vs. silver. While being a silver lover edges you closer to your final choice,

You still need to choose between the two big wigs: sterling silver and stainless steel.

Which one of these is best?

Here, read more on what each is, the differences, and the best pick.

316L Stainless Steel vs. 925 Sterling Silver

These two metals confuse most people because they share a common physical property; both have a shiny, silvery finish. 

This aside, the two are very different. 

Stainless steel consists of iron and chromium. At times, there are traces of nickel. When oxygen mixes with chromium, a transparent film is formed. This film is what protects the steel from rusting. 

The steel used in making jewelry differs from the one used in construction and is also known as surgical stainless steel. The result is a durable, timeless, monochromatic look.  

Stainless Steel Jewelry Pros:

  • More affordable compared to sterling silver jewelry
  • Beautiful, mirror finish
  • Durable
  • Hard to dent
  • It does not rust, meaning its less likely to lose its glossy appearance

Stainless Steel Jewelry Cons:

  • It’s very hard, which also makes resizing difficult. 

Sterling silver is not pure silver, but silver with another metal.  

Sterling silver means 92.5 % of silver blended with a 7.5 % copper alloy. The number 925 or sterling is often stamped on jewelry to indicate that the piece is made of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Jewelry Pros: 

  • It has an attractive, matte, classy finish
  • It can be molded easily, which explains the variety of designs jewelry creators can come up with
  • You can get stones included in it

Sterling Silver Jewelry Cons:

  • It tarnishes with time
  • it lacks the new jewelry look and shines
  • It can be dented
  • it’s often costlier than stainless steel

Which Is Best?

The stainless steel vs. sterling silver debate is unlikely to end any day soon. Often, it boils down to preference. 

There are, however, good reasons why stainless steel seems to be the preferred option for most customers.  

Its shiny look, affordability, and easy to clean properties make stainless steel jewelry very appealing.

The other significant deciding factor is that stainless steel is hypoallergenic. Wearers enjoy the freedom that comes with wearing their jewelry without the risk of skin irritation. Stainless steel jewelry allows you to enjoy your pieces year-round, safely.

The third is that it’s extremely easy to maintain. A quick wash with warm soapy water and a firm polish is all you need to keep your jewelry looking brand new. 

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