While stainless steel is most commonly associated with healthcare and cooking purposes, it is an incredibly popular choice for necklaces. Strong, cost-effective, and attractive, stainless steel produces necklaces every bit as beautiful as its precious metal counterparts.


Keeping a range of stainless steel necklaces in stock provides a fantastic alternative for customers on a budget looking for an affordable alternative to silver. For a massive selection of contemporary wholesale stainless steel necklaces, visit the Monera online store today. We offer unbeatable volume discounts and free shipping for all orders over $999.

The benefits of using stainless steel for necklaces and Chains

Stainless steel is something of a miracle material. While that may sound hyperbolic, it’s true. It’s beautiful, affordable, abundantly produced, and can be worked into a range of different products in the right hands.


As necklaces and other jewelry, it offers almost all of the things that make silver so popular but with some added benefits to boot. For jewelry resellers, these benefits can be communicated to buyers and help boost sales.


Most importantly, stainless steel necklaces are affordable. Despite being superior to precious metals in almost all ways, stainless steel is not a scarce material. This means its value lies not in the material used but in the designs and form of the necklace.


Stainless steel necklaces are also great for swimmers and those who like to keep their jewelry on when going about their day. This is because stainless steel necklaces do not tarnish, unlike silver which can form iron oxide.

Durable and workable

Not only that, but stainless steel necklaces are far more durable than those made of precious metals, requiring very little repair or maintenance over their lifetime. Despite this, stainless steel is easily worked by manufacturers such as Monera into beautiful designs.


With the right tools and know-how, combined with great designs and accompanying gems, stainless steel produces highly desirable necklaces.

Are stainless steel necklaces popular?

Stainless steel necklaces are not simply seen as a low-cost alternative to silver. People actively seek out stainless steel jewelry for a variety of reasons.


For many, stainless steel is a more practical material for everyday use. Because it does not tarnish, rust, and is stronger than precious metals, a stainless steel necklace chain, for instance, can be worn to work, to a meal, even swimming without fear it will be damaged.


The smooth, shiny surface of stainless steel is often preferred by customers as it is reminiscent of highly polished silver.


For some people with specific allergies, silver and gold are not an option. Direct contact with these metals can cause skin irritation and rashes due to the impurities naturally found in them. Fortunately, stainless steel is a hypoallergenic alternative for customers allergic to gold or silver.


Gold and silver intolerance affects as much as 15-25% of the population combined. This means if you don’t have some stainless steel necklace, rings, and other jewelry options in stock you could be missing out.

Popular stainless steel necklace designs

While those looking to buy a stainless steel necklace may be expecting to pay less, that doesn’t mean they expect sub-par designs and styles.


In fact, as stainless steel is a popular material choice among younger consumers, it’s vital to keep a range of necklaces and other items in stock to cater to this fashion-conscious market.


Options such as 3.3 mm unisex stainless steel necklaces are guaranteed sellers. With stainless steel available in not just steel silver, but also gold and carbon black, necklaces such as this have universal appeal.


Stainless steel cross necklaces are another popular choice, with the strength of stainless steel utilized to create a delicate contrasting effect in this case, impossible with softer materials.


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Monera stainless steel necklaces

A trusted supplier to the fashion trade since 2011, Monera Jewelry Design has built a reputation for designing, manufacturing, and supplying the very best quality jewelry. Our team has over 30 years designing and producing truly unique fashion jewelry that sells worldwide. We know what customers want and we can help you stock it.


Our jewelry is stocked by resellers and stores across the globe who return time and time again to discover our latest winning designs. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Monera’s team are able to produce professional, high-quality jewelry while still leaving high margins to make our items profitable, without sacrificing on quality.

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